Conn. (WTNH) — What color is striking, easily recognizable, and stands out from the rest?

In the battle of the hues, the color red was deemed most popular not only in Connecticut, but across the country.

The web-based photo editor Pixlr analyzed Google searches for 22 different colors – excluding black and white – and looked at different color-related terms like clothing items and decor. The site found that the fiery color red was ranked as the top color in 30 states.

People searched the most in these states for terms like “red hair,” “red dress,” “red wallpaper,” and “red background.” Each month, people searched for these terms an average of 844,190 times.

“Red is dominant in more than half the states, and is particularly versatile considering it has associations with vigor, love and passion, as well as war, courage, danger and anger,” a spokesperson from Pixlr said.

In Connecticut, the color pink followed suit, as well as orange, blue, and brown. Pink was the second most googled color in 22 states.

“Whether people are choosing a color for its symbolic representations and historic associations, or simply because they like the way it looks, there is a vast array of shades and hues for everyone to choose from,” the spokesperson said.

Luckily, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, with both red and pink as the holiday’s staples.

See which color was most popular in each state, courtesy Pixlr, below:

State 1 2 3 4 5 
Alabama (AL) pink red blue orange purple 
Alaska (AK) red blue brown pink orange 
Arizona (AZ) red pink blue brown purple 
Arkansas (AR) red pink blue orange purple 
California (CA) pink red orange blue purple 
Colorado (CO) red blue purple brown pink 
Connecticut (CT) red pink orange blue brown 
Delaware (DE) pink red blue brown orange 
Florida (FL) pink red blue brown orange 
Georgia (GA) pink red blue orange purple 
Hawaii (HI) red pink blue brown orange 
Idaho (ID) red pink blue brown orange 
Illinois (IL) blue pink red brown orange 
Indiana (IN) red brown pink blue purple 
Iowa (IA) red brown blue pink orange 
Kansas (KS) red blue pink brown purple 
Kentucky (KY) red pink brown blue purple 
Louisiana (LA) red pink orange blue purple 
Maine (ME) red pink blue brown green 
Maryland (MD) pink red brown blue orange 
Massachusetts (MA) red pink blue orange brown 
Michigan (MI) red pink blue brown purple 
Minnesota (MN) blue red pink orange brown 
Mississippi (MS) pink red blue orange purple 
Missouri (MO) blue red pink brown orange 
Montana (MT) red brown blue pink orange 
Nebraska (NE) blue red pink brown orange 
Nevada (NV) red pink blue brown purple 
New Hampshire (NH) red pink brown blue orange 
New Jersey (NJ) pink red blue orange brown 
New Mexico (NM) red pink blue brown purple 
New York (NY) pink red blue orange brown 
North Carolina (NC) red pink blue brown purple 
North Dakota (ND) pink blue red orange brown 
Ohio (OH) brown red pink blue orange 
Oklahoma (OK) pink brown red blue purple 
Oregon (OR) red blue blue orange pink 
Pennsylvania (PA) brown red pink blue orange 
Rhode Island (RI) red pink brown blue orange 
South Carolina (SC) red pink blue brown purple 
South Dakota (SD) blue red pink brown orange 
Tennessee (TN) red pink blue brown orange 
Texas (TX) pink Red blue orange purple 
Utah (UT) red Pink blue purple orange 
Vermont (VT) red orange pink blue green 
Virginia (VA) red Pink blue brown orange 
Washington (WA) red Pink blue purple orange 
West Virginia (WV) red brown pink blue purple 
Wisconsin (WI) red Pink blue brown orange 
Wyoming (WY) blue Red pink brown orange