(WTNH) — The Statue of Liberty is an icon symbolizing freedom and democracy, given as a gift of friendship to the United States from the people of France. In 1924, the copper monument was designated as a National Monument. 

Millions of travelers from across the world access Liberty Island to see the structure housed on the land in New York Harbor and experience the history connected to it. On September 11, 2001, increased security measures have prevented visitors to fully experience the monument.

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To create a new destination without restrictive security clearance, construction of a new Statue of Liberty Museum began in the fall of 2016 allowing for even more visitors to be inspired by the statue. Alongside the construction efforts, was architect Daniel Piselli – who is originally from Orange, Connecticut – with a team from FX Collaborative.

The company brought in over four hundred tons of granite from Stony Creek Quarry from Branford, using the stone for the new walkway and steps on which millions of visitor will enter the museum through.

Stony Creek Quarry’s granite has become a part of our nation’s foundation – from the Manhattan skyline, to buildings in Boston and Philadelphia. The quarry in Branford has been around for over a century, employing over 200 immigrant workers, tying its’ own history back to those buildings meaning to welcome all immigrants and enlighten the world.

Learn more about the new Statue of Liberty Museum and details of the new initiatives and educational features here.

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