(WTNH) — Although it is fall, many boaters are still spending a lot of time out on the water. However, boating in October can be very different than in July.

Because several people were killed on the water over the summer, local Coast Guard units worked with kayak instructors and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to learn more about how to keep boaters safe.

There are important things you can do to keep yourself safe when heading out on a boat, whether it’s a kayak or a motorboat. There are extra precautions boaters should take at this time of year. It gets dark earlier, which can make it tough to get back if you don’t know the area well.

Of course, the air is also colder, and so is the water. Experts recommend dressing for the water temperature, even if you don’t expect to get wet. Dress in layers to keep warm.

“You want to dress with some fleece fabric,” said Mark Chanski, Boating Resource Technician for DEEP’s Boating Division. “Try to avoid the cotton materials that won’t retain heat when you do get cold. It gets wet.”

Let someone know where you’re going boating and when you expect to return. Check the weather forecast before you head out, even if you think you know what to expect

“Oftentimes people will launch in a very sheltered area and then they go out a little bit further and the winds are picking up and it makes it difficult to get back,” said Paula Riegel, a kayaking coach.