Conn. (WTNH) — May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and with the summer season on the way, more motorcyclists will be heading out on the Connecticut roads and highways.

These safety reminders are for everyone on the road. Whether you’re driving in a vehicle or a motorcycle, everyone needs to be cautious and share the road.

Every year more than 50 motorcyclist are killed on Connecticut roadways. Last year in 2022, there were 62 motorcycle fatalities in the state. This is the highest number in more than 3 decades.

For drivers on four wheels, you need to double check your blind spot and make sure it’s clear of a motorcycle. If you are driving near a bike, allow for extra space. Rear-ending a motorcycle can be fatal to the rider.

Motorcyclists should always check the weather before hand to avoid dangerous conditions. They also must wear a helmet and other protective gear.  

“Helmeted riders actually suffered a larger percentage of upper extremity injuries,” said Dr. Michael Leslie at Yale Medicine.

“They might put their arm down to protect themselves and suffer that fracture. Whereas, if you’re on a more leisurely, out on a motorcycle without a helmet, maybe you might sustain an injury that you just did not see coming. Maybe you don’t protect yourself.”

If you see a motorcyclist on the road early in the morning or late at night when it’s dark, give additional space, and make sure your high beams are off if you’re within 500 feet.