Tips to keep your pets safe from spring flowers, Easter treats during holiday celebrations


(WTNH) — Easter is coming up this Sunday.  Maybe you’re having a small gathering with lots of food and spring flowers, but be aware, some flowers and Easter treats may lead to a visit to the vet.

Colorful spring flowers have been popping up at local nurseries and grocery stores.  While they are beautiful, they can also be dangerous, especially Easter lilies.

According to Dr. Brian Lang, a veterinarian at Mill Pond Veterinary Hospital in Branford, “Easter lilies are extremely toxic to cats. It’s probably one of the most serious types of intoxications. They will cause significant kidney injury, up to kidney failure, or in more serious cases, death. Some of these other flowers can cause problems, in dogs and cats,  but cats are uniquely susceptible to true lilies–tiger lilies, Easter lilies, stargazer lilies.”

Tulips, daffodils, gladiolus, and hydrangeas – all of these bright flowers can be toxic for your pets. Opt for roses, sunflowers, petunias, and African violets which are all pet-safe alternatives.

But what about Easter dinner?  Turkey and lamb, in moderation, are okay for your pup, but hold off on the ham.

“Anything that is well-flavored has a chance to cause pancreatitis.  Cooked bones are in there, those are foreign bodies waiting to happen.  In the worst case, it is surgery. The best case is you can get it out with an endoscope or induction of vomiting.”

And you’ll certainly want to keep your dog away from chocolate.  If you have an Easter egg hunt in your yard, make sure you get all of the chocolate treats, so your pup doesn’t find them later.  Also, steer clear of onions, garlic, and grapes.  You CAN share carrots with the Easter bunny and your pup, along with green beans and sweet potatoes.

By the way, local animal shelters do not encourage you to adopt chicks or bunnies as an Easter present unless you’re ready to make a long-term commitment.

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