Conn. (WTNH) — A big bank merger is bringing headaches for some customers as M&T takes over from People’s United.

M&T sent out a tremendous amount of information not only via mail and email but there were even Robocalls telling customers a new bank card had been sent to their homes. Even so with all of this information, some people got lost in the transition.

“They are not matching my Social Security number with my name, so I am getting a little concerned,” Barbara Carpenter of Farmington said. “So right now you don’t have access to your money, right.”

M&T said a little more than 40% of their customers are able to log into online services and their accounts, and they are working with the others to get them up and running.

“I spent an hour logging on, I kept getting kicked out circling and back and circling back I would come close, and then that was it,” Carpenter said.

M&T said there are three main problems they’re facing right now: people aren’t activating their debit cards when they go to log on, they are not following the procedures trying to get into the online accounts, and once they do get on, bill pay disconnects. They said there are pretty easy solutions for all three of these.

After you initially log onto the system, you must close out of that window and log into the app or the M&T website.

“And I think in some cases people go back and they are asking for additional information, to re-sign in, and that is when they start getting kicked out of the system,” Mike Keegan of M&T Bank said.

Try logging on through a computer first before using your app on the phone, and because of the tremendous volume of data, it may take 24 to 48 hours for all your account information to catch up.

“Because of the number of systems of integration that we did, there may have been a delay in seeing balances and some of the transactions and in some cases viewing images of checks,” Keegan said.

When you activate your new card, throw the old one away. It was no good after September 3.

“We saw a situation where someone went out to dinner their card got rejected they called, we activated their new card, but they used their old card,” Keegan said.

“They said I had a unique situation so I’m going to be very patient, and keep trying,” Carpenter said.

Keep in mind as M&T is new to you, many of the employees are Peoples United, and the systems are new to them as well, so the bank asks please be patient with the tellers, as the people on the front lines are doing the best they can to make this transition happen.