TOLLAND, Conn. (WTNH) — The Connecticut State Police released 911 calls on Friday from a street takeover in Tolland back in May.

During the street takeover, suspects were caught on video surrounding a couple and jumping on their car. The couple was then seen getting out of the vehicle and confronting the suspects.

Roads were shut down for hours in Tolland as chaos erupted in the street takeover.

Audio released on Friday paints a new picture of the night. Phones calls were streamed into dispatch with callers asking where the police were.

One 911 caller told police that people were blocking the road as they were trying to get through the area to visit their friend in the hospital.

“There’s all these cars all over, they would not let me by I got a phone call that my friend is in the hospital I’m trying to get to the hospital,” the man said. The police dispatcher can then be heard telling the 911 caller the agency is aware of the situation.

The 911 caller then asked the dispatcher if the police would be responding.

On Friday, Connecticut State Police told News 8 they had undercover officers in the area during the street takeover. State police said due to the number of people in the area they did not see the dangerous situation unfolding.

State police said if the agency knew what was happening they would have intervened.