VERNON, Conn. (WTNH) — The Cornerstone Foundation returned to its annual Good Friday Walk, which supports the organization’s mission to keep people safe, fed, housed and clothed.

Bryan Flint, Sr. is the deputy director of the Cornerstone Foundation, which is based out of the Rockville section of Vernon and serves those in need from surrounding areas.

“It’s a special day, and I think a lot of us notice it, but do we understand what it means? It basically means sacrifices,” Flint said.

The event begins with a group prayer then participants begin a three-mile walk around the community. Flint said Cornerstone encourages people to give back on Good Friday in any form.

“There’s no reason there is so much homelessness, and if we all pitch in together in our different areas, so support us or support any other group that’s trying to help those in need,” he said.

The walk began in 1984, and participants would walk 20 miles at that time. Judie Culy has been involved in the event for decades.

“It was just so exciting to do all the miles and then come back and greet people and celebrate,” she said. “It’s very important. The money that’s being raised is for the homeless, for people in that area of homelessness. We all have a lot, and this is something we can do for others.”

The goal of the event is to raise $10,000. Click here if you’d like to donate online.