COVENTRY, Conn. (WTNH) — Police in Coventry say thieves are stealing right out of mailboxes in the town.

Most recently, it happened at one in front of the post office and another near the Highland Market on Route 44. They said this has mostly been happening overnight and on weekends.

To protect your mail, make sure you look at the collection times and put your mail in the box only if it will be collected within that day and not sit overnight or over a weekend.

Police say the thieves are able to alter the checks, which are in bills, and use them themselves.

“They essentially scrub any handwriting, then write in, fill in dollar amounts and payees whatever they desire or we’ve also seen where they’ve taken a dollar amount and increased it,” said Acting Coventry Police Chief Jeffrey Spadjinske. “It’s $100 and they make it $1,100 or something like that.

Spadjinske said back in 2020, a police officer caught three people in the act of stealing from one of the mailboxes on the Boston Turnpike. They had the door open and they were using a string with something sticky on it to fish out the mail.

Those people were from Boston, so the thieves could really be coming from anywhere.