STAFFORD SPRINGS, Conn. (WTNH) — There are those who lead, and those who lead by example. The latter best describes Chris Paradiso of Stafford Springs. For the eighth straight year, Paradiso, who owns Paradiso Insurance, hosted Flag Day celebrations in his town.

“It comes from my grandfather” he said. “Came over to this Country. Barely spoke English. Fought in World War I.”

There was an inch of rain Monday and more in some parts of Tolland County, but the fine folks of Stafford Springs didn’t let anything rain on their parade.

Stafford Springs certainly has a rich history and a native son, Paradiso, who make sure Flag Day is observed with lots of food, flags, and friends.

The event always includes veterans from the town, like John Mordasky, a gunner in World War II.

“John Mordasky, a true American hero. Enlisted at the age of 17, flew 21 missions, crashed twice on the beaches,” Paradiso explained.

“Flag Day means to me, I’m in the greatest country. I’m the luckiest guy in the world to be in a country that is free. The best place in the world,” Mordasky said.

And when it comes to Flag Day and the Flag, Paradiso said he takes politics out of it.

“You know what that flag stands for? It stands for the men and woman who’ve given either the ultimate sacrifice, or have come back. I always say ‘some gave all, but all gave some.'”

Also, among those celebrating was three-year-old Evan DaRos who sang our national anthem.