ROCKVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) – Friday marks day four of Richard Dabate’s trial. He’s accused of killing his wife, Connie, at their Ellington home back in December of 2015.

He claims she was murdered by a masked intruder, and on Thursday, his recounting of what he said happened was heard in court.

The focus of the third day of the trial was Hartford Hospital. That’s where Dabate was taken after the incident and where he gave his statement to police.

Testimony continues in Richard Dabate trial

On December 23, 2015, Dabate was taken to Hartford Hospital after claiming he was the victim of a home invasion, where he was confronted and injured by a masked intruder inside his Ellington home.

It was the same man who Dabate says shot his wife Connie to death shortly after she arrived home that morning.

At the hospital, Connecticut State Police met with Dabate and those two investigators testified in court on Thursday. They say he willingly spoke with them, and let them take a DNA sample, test for gun residue on him, and take down a statement.

Connie Dabate
Connie Dabate. Photo provided by the Margotta family

The first hour of that recorded statement was played in court. In it, jurors heard Dabate telling investigators about encountering the intruder in their home, yelling at his wife to “run,” and following the intruder down to the basement where Connie was ultimately killed. Dabate says he was then stabbed with a box cutter and tied, with one hand free, to a folding chair in their kitchen.

Investigators say his story continued to change and you can hear state police asking to clarify questions.

Murder trial with Fitbit evidence begins

News 8 spoke with a member of Dabate’s legal team about the trial. They shared why they won’t be commenting as this process continues.

“As the trial is ongoing, we would love to make comments day-to-day as every piece of evidence comes in, explain our defense, and explain our side. What we need to do is respect the process here. We don’t want to influence the public through media. Other people can make their statements, but we’re going to do our talking in there,” said Trent LaLima.

After giving this statement, the detective sergeant who testified said Dabate told them about his extramarital affair, in which he impregnated another woman who was due soon.

Dabate said he was trying to “work things out” with Connie for the sake of their family.

That relationship, along with Connie’s Fitbit activity tracker, which provides critical information about her movement that day, is expected to come up in this trial.

The trial at Rockville Superior Court will continue on Friday.