STORRS, Conn. (WTNH) — The University of Connecticut and Eversource hosted a Sustainable Clean Energy Summit on Wednesday to discuss sustainable practices for the state.

Gov. Ned Lamont addressed the summit alongside Eversource on UConn’s campus.

This marks Eversource’s first Sustainable Clean Energy Summit.

“Climate change is very real,” said Joe Nolan, Eversource president and CEO. “The storms that we’ve been facing, some of these violent storms that we’ve been facing, that you’ve seen me on the side of the road in destructive areas with the governor. We’re trying to find a way to find to reduce the impact on the climate.”

The goal of this summit is to decarbonize society and the grid.

Organizers said that achieving energy efficiency is a year-round job, stating that it help save money, cut pollution and create jobs. They’re all something Connecticut is currently receiving high marks for, officials said.

“Energy efficiency, reducing our demand, we’ve been very successful at that in the last ten years,” Lamont said. “That’s how you get the balance right. And every kilowatt you don’t use is good for the environment.”

Connecticut officials said that reducing kilowatt usage will greatly benefit the environment. 

“To reduce your kilowatt usage, it’s going to save you money, it’s going to have a positive impact on the environment and it’s going to be good for everybody,” Nolan said.

According to a statement from UConn’s President Radenka Maric, the university is working to become carbon neutral by 2030.