STORRS, Conn. (WTNH) — UConn’s campus is bustling today with freshman students ready to take on the new school year and feeling a bit nervous.

There were a lot of emotions going around, but inside UConn police headquarters, safety is the focus. They’re launching a new app for students called LiveSafe.

“I think a big part of the issues on campus are that people generally don’t feel safe, they don’t feel safe walking around at night time, they don’t want to walk by themselves,” Lieutenant Justin Gilbert said.

Gilbert said he’s hopeful the new technology will be a game-changer for students.

“We’re getting called all the time if there’s disturbances or a mental health crisis, or unfortunately, sexual assault, things of that nature,” Gilbert said.

The app lets you report any emergency – like sexual assaults – with the touch of a button, or mental health concerns anonymously. Pictures or videos can be inputted, and there’s also an option to remain anonymous, something Gilbert said helps “remove barriers to reporting incidents that may go unreported.”

Students seem open to the idea.

Meegan Carrier of Orange already told her freshman daughter Shannon about the app and feels a little better knowing it’s there.

“I always tell her don’t go anywhere alone – stay with your friends – this is an extra help,” Carrier said.

Students can also use the “Walk with a Friend” feature that allows a friend or contact to track them while walking or driving. Additionally, dispatch will be notified if there are any issues. Gilbert said that all people have to do is hit a red button and it will pull up an alert.

UConn police said the goal is to get tech-savvy students comfortable with reporting incidents.

“We’re excited about it, I hope people download it and use it and we can hopefully move forward from there,” Gilbert said.