STORRS, Conn. (WTNH) — A thousand University of Connecticut students plan to protest Wednesday at the state capitol against a proposed massive budget cut.

“It’s exciting, but it’s disappointing, at the same time,” said Jonathan Heiden, the director of external affairs for the university’s student government. “We don’t really want to have to mobilize like this.”

Gov. Ned Lamont has proposed cutting $360 million over a two-year period from UConn’s budget. Meanwhile, students have been rallying to try and change his mind.

“We are heading into midterms, and we’ve got exams to study for, and homework to do, and we are still taking the time to come on out, and I think that speaks volumes about how important this is to us, and hopefully that will come through tomorrow,” said Lorien Touponse, the deputy director of external affairs for UConn’s student government.

The cut would include $160 million in the upcoming fiscal year, and $200 million the following. UConn President Radenka Maric has called on Lamont to reverse his decision, stating that it would lead to a $3,000 tuition hike for students starting next year.

“For some students, like $3,000 is not really a lot,” said Kimberly Beslanga, who attends UConn. “For some students like me, that is a big difference whether I can afford to come here.”

It’s an issue, students said, that has created a sense of unity on campus.

“It is not just the people in power on campus, but also the students that are going here every day and feeling the effects, because they won’t be here next semester and semesters to come,” Kevin Richardson, a student, said.