STORRS, Conn. (WTNH) — The University of Connecticut continues to find damage inflicted on its campus following the men’s basketball team’s national NCAA title win earlier this month.

That includes air conditions, lamp posts, vehicles and windows that have been destroyed. The university has said that more than $250,000 damage was done to light posts alone.

At least 17 people have been arrested in the days since, with the university’s police department putting out a warning for people to turn themselves in before photos of them are uploaded to social media.

“They sent multiple emails a couple of days before saying, ‘I know this is a good time, but make sure every student celebrates responsibly,'” said Ray Lewis, a student.

Now, students who have been caught are facing both a criminal process — and an academic one — to decide their fates. Students are facing restitution, on-campus housing bans, academic probation and potentially expulsion.

“They knew what they were doing, too,” said Jon Reeve, a student. “Once you get into that destruction of property, trying to instigate unnecessary fights, over here I literally saw a light pole fall down and somebody got hit by it.”

Other students think the university may go too far with dolling out punishments.

“A few people were hurt, in that case, I understand expulsion, but just a few people messing around, I think expulsion is a little bit much,” said Zach Placzek, a student.

Olivia Kashalapov, a student, said that the university is “Just a little bit too strict.”

“Like, we’re just kids and we won,” she said. “The school has plenty of money.”

Damage was still visible when Liz Leighton and her son, Steve, toured the campus on Tuesday.

“They won a national championship, we’re going to give them a little forgiveness on it, and understand that kids do what kids do, and hopefully my son will make good choices,” she said.

UConn hopes to finish the disciplinary hearings by the end of the academic year so the students will know whether they can graduate. Students are also able to file an appeal.

The video below aired in our 9 p.m. newscast on April 18, 2023.