STORRS, Conn. (WTNH) — A thief entered students’ rooms while they were asleep and stole items from them on Monday, according to a spokesperson for the University of Connecticut.

Multiple residents of Buckley Hall reported that the thief took the items overnight, according to UConn. Each room was unlocked.

One student woke up between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. to see a stranger in their room, according to the university. When they asked who the stranger was and what they were doing, the thief left without saying anything.

The suspect has only been identified as a college-aged white man with brown hair. UConn has not elaborated on what was stolen and how many rooms were entered.

Freshman Boston Williams calls Buckley Hall home and says the recent incidents are unsettling.

“When you go in, you have to show ID and stuff, so the scary thing is we don’t know if it’s someone who’s already living in the dorms or someone from outside,” Williams said.

“People are very comfortable leaving their doors open and being very unaware of certain things that could happen to them,” said Manuel Alvarez, a UConn senior.

University officials remind students to lock their doors and report suspicious activity to UConn police.

“It’s not something that usually happens at UConn, and while unfortunate, we’re confident that person will be identified, and possible future instances of this sort of behavior will be mitigated,” Mason Holland, president of UConn’s undergraduate student government, told News 8.

University officials say this is an active and ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call campus police at (860) 486-4800.