VERNON, Conn. (WTNH) — Town officials in Vernon have taken action to ease growing concerns about smoking and marijuana use in public. Now, it’s not allowed to smoke or vape at all in public spaces or on school grounds. 

“There [has] been more and more, you can smell it,” said Tamijo Daigneault of Vernon. “I find it offensive because I think you should do it in your own yard, not in a public place, especially in a park where families bring their children. It’s not right.”

After July in the Sky, the town’s Fourth of July celebration and fireworks display, town officials told News 8 they received a number of complaints about smoking both at Henry Park and downtown Rockville.

“I wouldn’t want it around my kids!” said Billy Mulka of Vernon. 

In the wake of what happened, the town council voted unanimously to ban all smoking in public spaces and on school grounds, which includes marijuana use and vaping. 

“Child influence is major,” said Tianna St. Louis of Tolland. 

Vernon’s Mayor Dan Champagne said this is a public health issue.

“Secondhand smoke is a problem for everybody, this has to be known,” Mayor Champagne said. 

He said their hope with these measures is to keep both residents and visitors safe. 

“We’re not looking to put people in jail,” said Mayor Champagne. “Our primary goal is to tell people, don’t smoke in public. If you want to do it, do it at home.”

The mayor said this is something they’ll be looking out for and you could face up to a $250 fine.