COVENTRY, Conn. (WTNH) — Carmen Quiroga never anticipated the backlash her new restaurant has received.

Named ‘Woke’, online comments have assumed the restaurant has political undertones. But that’s not the case, Quiroga said.

“They don’t give me the opportunity to try my food and my work,” she said.

Some of those online comments, posted in a private group for Coventry, reduced her to tears, and led a page administrator to write a note stating, “Just a word of warning, any more ridiculous comments about the name of the new breakfast place in town will be deleted.”

“People that are rude in the comments on Facebook, they don’t represent the town,” Quiroga said.

The name doesn’t bother Benjamin Kieso, who goes to school minutes away from Woke.

“To me, when I hear ‘Woke’ as a breakfast restaurant, it just means waking up, so I’m not personally offended by it,” he said.

Brian Pope, who visits often from Old Lyme, said he doesn’t understand the controversy.

“It’s a catchy name,” he said.

The debate hasn’t scared crowds away, and Quiroga isn’t letting it get her down.

“Very, very busy all day,” she said. “The tables are full, so I’m so happy.”