Dominic Borrelli’s roof is caving in and both his front and backyard look like a bomb went off. Last week’s deadly storms tore through his neighborhood and devastated his family and his neighbors.  

“37 houses have already been condemned and I’m hoping I’m not going to be number 38,” Borrelli told News 8. 

He described a tree with a ten foot wide root ball being lifted in the air and spinning, before crashing to the ground. 

“It was absolute insanity – something that’s once in one-thousand years,” Borrelli added. 

Downed lines, trees on homes and cars and debris for miles are still common sights in North Haven and several other local towns. 

First Selectman of North Haven Michael Freda met with the Dept. of Emergency Management Services Tuesday.  

“We have opened up 14 acres on Powder Metal Road off of Sackett Point Road for residents to dump their debris, the tree carnage, branches and brush,” Freda told News 8. 

That lot is open everyday, including the weekends. 

Freda has disposing of all of the massive mounds of debris isn’t something that’s budgeted for. 

“We estimate that if we’re going to do it ourselves and hire an outside contractor, it could be everywhere from a half-million to $1 million.”

Freda says not everyone can afford to hire a company to remove trees from their homes and property.  He says he’s fighting for every single person in his town. 

“We are seeing if we can qualify for FEMA funding and if we do we will know that probably by May 31, or June 1,” Freda added. 

He is assuring neighbors he will not let them down and will do everything to figure out a complex and unpredictable problem. 

Neighbors like Dominic Borrelli say perspective is everything. 

“You don’t know if you’re going to be able to walk away or not – just glad nobody got hurt in this area.”