(WTNH) – We are about to close out Women’s History Month and there are two women who are literally and figuratively shattering the glass ceiling in the music industry.

Connecticut is a place many musicians have made a name for themselves in the metal world.

Those screams and growls are a unique vocal craft perfected by Melissa Cross.

“I got into training metal singers because A guy I went to school with was recording them. He was living in Connecticut, and he had a recording studio, and he was recording all these underground bands before they were signed. He asked me, ‘can you get these kids through a recording session, so they don’t cough blood’ because he knew I was a voice teacher, so I said, ‘sure, I’ll give it a try,’” Cross said.

Cross has trained some of the most recognizable singers in the music industry, like David Draiman of Disturbed, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage, and Phil Labonte of All That Remains.

She is one of the only women who train metal artists, and her list of female clients has grown over the years. While the number is still growing, only about seven percent of her clients are women.

“It continues to take these strong women that have this passion for music, but still there is a bias, ‘she screams like a girl,’” Cross said.

Alissa White-Gluz, a long-time friend of Cross’, is the lead singer of a band, Arch Enemy. This siren’s vocal ability stands out in the male-dominated genre.

“Women in metal are there for the exact same reason that men are. We’re there because we love music and this is the style of music that we love,” White-Gluz said.

Having toured all over the world and sold out countless shows, her voice and presence is respected by women and men in the industry.

“Women are really powerful beasts. We’re strong, we’re committed, we’re just really, really powerful. And I think that creates a really passionate performance in music. I also think it’s interesting just to be able to hear this heavy genre of music from a woman’s perspective,” White-Gluz said.

If there are any females out there who want to become more involved in the metal community, you don’t necessarily have to be a singer. White-Gluz suggests becoming a tour manager or being part of the stage crew. There are plenty of places to get started, like Toad’s Place, College Street Music Hall, and the Webster Theater.