High forest fire warnings in Connecticut

WESTPORT, Conn. (WTNH) - Due to dry and windy weather in Connecticut over the next few weeks, fire officials are warning residents that forest fire danger is high in Connecticut.

According to Westport Fire Department, forest fires will be at dangerously high levels due to excess gust combined with insignificant rainfalls within the next nine days. Open permits on burning brush's will not be valid during this time; especially for properties within 100 feet of grassland or woodland.

A few suggestions from CT's DEEP (Department of Energy an Environmental Protection) are to stay with fires until they are completely out and dead, have fire safety tools nearby, and to not store firewood in fire safe zones. 

Fire Departments ask that if you spot a brush or forest fire that you remain calm, dial 911 as quickly as possible to your local fire department. Calmly tell the emergency dispatcher when and where you saw it and stay on the phone until the dispatcher tells you to hang up.

For more tips on fire prevention please visit DEEP online.

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