NORWICH, Conn. (WTNH) — Nutmeg Pharmacy in Norwich was a rare sight Thursday afternoon. Unlike other stores, there was liquid Children’s Tylenol in stock. But it’s generic, and there was only one of each children’s medication on the shelf.

The shortage has lasted for months but has gotten worse as cold and flu season escalated.

“You may not be seeing Advil, you may not be seeing Tylenol,” Dr. Craig Mittleman, who works in the emergency department at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, said. “But look for acetaminophen and look for ibuprofen.”

Another solution is to crush up ibuprofen and mix it with apple sauce or yogurt. Mittleman cautions not to give a child an adult dose.

Parents can also give their children a cool bath to make them more comfortable.

Pharmacies like CVS and Walgreen are limiting how much liquid Tylenol customers can buy. While Nutmeg Pharmacy hasn’t done that, the pharmacy’s manager said it might. When new medicine comes in, only one or two are put on the shelf in an effort to keep it fair for others.

There are other options parents can use if they can’t find the medication.

“So, they could take like chewable Tylenol or chewable ibuprofen,” Caitlin Petersen, the pharmacy manager at Nutmeg Pharmacy, said.

She said customers stop in saying they checked six different stores. But the medicine isn’t going to be easier to find any time soon. She predicts that it may last into March.

“Unfortunately, we’re unable to order any more after this,” Petersen said.