What’s Right with Schools: Maloney High School Culinary Connection


At Maloney High School in Meriden there’s some synergy that’s been started through sandwiches. 

“The cool thing about the whole thing is all the food we are making is for students,” said Kevin Frederick, special education teacher and head football coach. 

Students with disabilities work in the kitchen putting together lunches and snacks for other students, including athletes on the football team. 

It just so happens they made it all the way to the championship game. 

Quarterback Elliot Good, who has a brother with autism, can recognize that the values goes further than just another meal. 

“It’s a huge thing..for them to do this, it’s definitely going to help them later in life. Whether they are working at a job or living in an apt on their own,” said Good. 

“Social skills is a big thing as well, how they are talking to each other….communicating,” said Frederick. 

The communication skills have led to new friendships and ultimately additional self-confidence. 

Through it all, some long-lasting memories created. 

“At the pep rally before the championship game, Coach Fred called down two of the kids, Thomas and Phillip…down to the court, all the kids were clapping for them it was a really good experience,” said Good. 

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