NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Over the past few days, News 8 has shown you some incredible and beautiful spots to look at the fall foliage in Connecticut.

The expectation for this season was for the leaves to have muted colors, but the fall has proven to be nothing short of spectacular.

Some parts of Connecticut are already seeing peak colors. Gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows are already visible in over 75 percent of the state right now.

Within the next few days, you can expect the foliage to get past peak in the highest elevation areas in the Litchfield hills and in parts of northeastern Connecticut.

Over the next week, if you live near Hartford, you can expect to get close to if not hit peak for fall foliage.

Next weekend the leaves’ moderate color will give way to near-peak conditions on the Connecticut shoreline.

By next weekend, cities and towns like Wallingford, Middletown and Ledyard will be at their peak.

Most of the leaves will have fallen off the trees by the middle of November for the northern half of the state but you can expect to see peak color along Long Island Sound.

Typically, by the end of the month of November, most if not all the leaves will have fallen off the trees. At that point, fall cleanup should be done as we head closer to winter.

Keep in mind, that just one windstorm can knock all the changing leaves to the ground, so now is the ideal time to get those gorgeous fall photos.

If you missed some of the top locations you can grab the camera and go to check out foliage this week across the state.