NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Have you already seen an uptick in activity at your birdfeeder?

It’s about that time of year! While different types of hummingbirds return to Connecticut at different times, some will begin appearing in April.

The ruby-throated hummingbird, which is the only hummingbird that breeds and nests in the state, usually appears in late April or early May, according to WildBirdScoop. After breeding and nesting in the summer, they’ll then leave in September or October for Central America.

The males arrive first, with the females trailing along about two weeks later. However, because hummingbirds don’t travel in flocks, some may take their time flying north.

Multiple other breeds of hummingbirds can be spotted flitting through.

Keep an eye out for the Rufous hummingbirds, which are less common. You can recognize a male Rufous hummingbird because it will be orange with a white patch on its upper breast. Females are green.

The Calliope hummingbird may also make an appearance. Males have magenta stripes on their throats, while females have green spots on their throats. This species is a lot more rare, with last being spotted in 2020 in Fairfield, according to BirdFeederHub.

Be careful with your birdfeeders, however. Bears can see these as a tasty snack and see an unsecured birdfeeder as an invitation to stick around.