NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Those red and blue lights in your rearview mirror don’t always mean you’re being pulled over, at least not in Connecticut.

It’s common across the state to see police cruisers with their lights on, but not flashing. But what is the reason for it?

It’s simple — police are letting you know that they’re in the area.

The lights on patrol cars are called “cruise lights” when they’re not flashing, according to an old post from the Guilford Police Department, which notes that it’s a common question the public asks.

“They are meant to show our presence around town, deter crime, or reduce speed and traffic violations,” the department wrote.

The post said that it’s “like driving a Christmas Tree.”

“Only we are not nearly as cool as Santa,” the post reads, “and no one really likes the ‘presents’ we give out.”