NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Florida homeowners have already seen their insurance rates skyrocket in recent years. And, now, Connecticut may see part of the brunt of more damage.

Experts have called Hurricane Ian a “worst-case scenario.” In its aftermath, Florida policyholders could see their rates increase another 30% — on top of already having the highest insurance costs in the nation.

When it comes to Connecticut, it may be a waiting game to see the impacts as insurance companies try to recoup their losses.

“This event will go way into the reinsurance market,” said Spencer Houldin, the president of Ericson Insurance Services. “And so when the reinsurance market gets hit, they raise their rates to the retail insurance companies that we all know, and that’s gonna get passed on to the consumer.”

For those looking to relocate down south, Houldin recommends doing research and getting ahold of wind mitigation forms.

“So when you’re looking at properties, as for the wind mitigation report for that property, show it to your independent insurance agent,” he said. “They know how to read it, and we can let you know whether or not that house is very well-qualified for wind coverage.”

Houldin said homeowners insurance can cost up to five times what it is in Connecticut.