Wind turbines coming to Connecticut shoreline


Wind turbines will soon be creating power off the Connecticut shoreline.

DEEP announced on Tuesday it has accepted a bid from one of three companies to go ahead and start the building process. Mary Sotos is the Deputy Commissioner of Energy for DEEP.

She says this is a huge win for Connecticut.

“It’s going to help us from environmental perspective and a grid reliability perspective,” Sotos said.

It’s called the Revolution Wind Project, owned by Chris Van Beek of DEEP Water Wind. They were the first company to put five turbines off the coast of Rhode Island, and now they’re looking to add more to Massachusetts and Connecticut.

“The wind is much better in the sea environment, so you get a higher production,” Van Beek said.

So what everybody wants to know is what is this going to look like? How big are these things, how much noise do they make, how offshore are the offshore turbines going to be? The deputy commissioner says you’re not even going to be able to see them from Connecticut.

“They are not going to be within a sight line of any Connecticut resident, but they are going to be providing power to the grid that Connecticut is connected to.”

Large towers will be anchored to the sea floor, and the turbines built on top of them. A massive cable will deliver electricity into the grid. Many fishermen don’t like the idea of the turbines in their fishing ground, but DEEP says they do create an artificial reef.

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