Some Connecticut kids got an out of this world lesson on Monday.

One by one students from the Ashford School asked an astronaut questions live, as she was orbiting earth in the International Space Station.

So how did they do it?

Members from the Eastern Connecticut Amateur Radio Club hooked up a ham radio with a computer program and a big antenna to make it possible.

For two years, students have been learning about space and Monday one girl News 8 spoke with said that this was the “the biggest thing that’s ever happened to Ashford.”

“I asked what kinds of technology do you use on the space station? She said they have a piece of technology that turns their urine into drinking water which was very interesting,” said Nora Brown, Ashford School. 

For the past two years teachers have been focusing a lot of their curriculum on astronomy at the Ashford School. That’s how they were able to do this today.