PLAINFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — Police said the 78-year-old woman who was found unresponsive in a driveway in Plainfield died of natural causes.

Elizabeth Hill, 78, of Plainfield, was found partially clothed Wednesday morning in a driveway on Beechwood Boulevard, according to police. Officers responded to the scene around 8 a.m. after a school bus driver reported a body lying in the driveway.

Members of the Plainfield Fire Department and American Legion Ambulance arrived and took Hill to the Plainfield Emergency Care Center, where police she was pronounced deceased.   

Hill lived on Beechwood Boulevard, but police did not say if she was found in her own driveway.

Based on their initial findings, police said it was treating Hill’s death as suspicious. However, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner determined she died from natural causes caused by atherosclerotic and hypertensive cardiovascular disease.