SCOTLAND, Conn. (WTNH) — One of the hardest hit areas by Friday morning’s storm was the town of Scotland in eastern Connecticut, where the high winds knocked down dozens of trees.

Turn almost any corner, and you can see the clean-up efforts.

“Maybe like 7:30 or so, it became extremely windy, and then the power went out,” Steve Goodwin of Scotland said. “It was definitely like a gale or something.”

News 8 drone video shows several trees knocked down on the property surrounding the Beaver Brook Saw Shop on Huntington Road. Trees littered that street and others in town, shutting them down.

“I’m gonna turn around and take, what, 97, try to get home that way,” Jordan Dolbey of Hampton said.

The downed trees also knocked out power.

“The infrastructure is pretty vulnerable to this kind of stuff,” Goodwin said. “So, we’re prepared. We have a generator.”

Many were also surprised by Friday morning’s high winds and the damage they caused.

“It’s scary when I can’t drive down the road,” Dolbey said.

Certainly, something whipped all the trees around, brought down big branches, and snapped some trees in half, but what was it?

It will be up to the National Weather Service to determine that.

In the meantime, the clean-up continues after the brief but powerful storm.

“Definitely unusual extra energy in whatever weather phenomenon was,” Goodwin said.