KILLINGLY, Conn. (WTNH) — The scenario is an active shooter in the science wing of Ellis Tech in Killingly. As state troopers make their way through the halls, the scene becomes chaotic.

Injured students are on the floor and a shooter continuing to take aim. The troopers do the same.

“Bringing everything combined together with the sounds, the role players, getting that stress level up so that if they were to respond to anything like this their body and their minds and their brain has already done this before,” said Connecticut State Police Sgt. Christine Jeltema.

The state police Emergency Services Unit is leading this training for a couple dozen state troopers from Troops D in Danielson and K in Colchester.

While the ESU has trained 8,000 people since 2016 in community settings like daycares and businesses, as well as state troopers and recruits, this is the first time it has held a three-day training session so they are prepared if a school shooting ever happens again.

“You got to be a man, we got to end this,” said one trainer to the troopers. “One of us is not leaving this room. It’s not gonna be me.”

Even some of the wounds were real.

“Just cause we’re shot doesn’t mean we stop fighting,” said the trainer. “You got shot in the face dude.”

Adding to realism of the scenario were students who volunteered to play the victims.

They are local high school students who take criminal justice classes at Ellis Tech and today they got to experience what it could be like to have state troopers come to their rescue.

All of them learned how seconds can save lives.