PLAINFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — A former manager of a Plainfield Wendy’s who used a racial slur at a team apologized Tuesday following a court appearance where he was hit with additional criminal charges.

“I just have bad anger issues,” Brett White told News 8. “I’m more of an [expletive] than anything. I’m not a racist person.”

White, 22, was originally charged with breach of peace. Tuesday, officials added new charges of intimidation based on bigotry or bias, and deprivation of a person’s equal rights and privileges by force or threat.

“I think people are seeing how serious it is now,” said Denzel Washington, a coach for the Woodstock Academy basketball team.

White was fired from his job after the incident, which happened earlier this month. He told News 8 that his staff was told about a hood cleaning above the grills, which made them close the lobby an hour early. At the same time, there was an accident in the drive-thru, so the lobby was reopened.

The accident was cleared, and the staff was about to close the lobby again when the team walked in. That’s when White refused to serve them and used a racial slur.

White said it was a tense and stressful time, but that he should have handled the situation differently.

“I shouldn’t have used that word,” he said. “It’s not appropriate. It’s not allowed. I’m gonna have to deal with the consequences now. No matter what I say, I’m still in the wrong.”

Donte Adam, a coach for the team, said that White “definitely knew what he was doing at that time.”

Washington had strong words for White.

“Anger does not give you permission to use racial language towards someone, derogatory language,” Washington said.

The Woodstock Academy coaches said they will not return to any Wendy’s restaurant.