2-year-old boy seriously injured in ‘suspicious incident’ in Willimantic


WILLIMANTIC, Conn. (WTNH) — The 2-year-old boy who was seriously injured in a “suspicious incident” in Willimantic Wednesday, has died Friday.

Connecticut State Police say that troopers responded to an apartment complex, at 201 Scott Road, since 12:39 a.m. for an investigation into what police are only calling a “suspicious incident” at this time.

The family of the toddler named Hayden confirmed to News 8 Friday that the child had passed away.

“I saw like a baby being put into the ambulance,” said resident Kiara Cruz. “Like they were rushing to put her or him into an ambulance and they literally did a U-turn around and rushed out in a hurry with the cops.”

Throughout the day Wednesday, investigators have been seen entering the apartment building in hazmat suits, going in and out of Apartment A collecting several bags of evidence and processing the scene while detectives questioned residents in Willimantic and at other locations.

“There were injuries that were obvious enough to responding EMS to warrant them to contact us,” said State Police Lt. Mark Petruzzi.

“The guy was just screaming help like he was devastated,” explained Cruz.

State police say the adult male who was the only one with the child then went to the hospital to be with him.

“The mother left the baby with her boyfriend and she went out and when she came back that’s what had happened,” said Cruz.

Police are not saying what the man’s relationship is to the little boy.

“It’s just sad. It’s really really sad,” said resident Virgen Cruz. “It’s scary.

The emotions being felt by residents at the Windham Heights apartment complex are both heartbreak and concern.

“To hear something like that that makes me not wanting to have my sisters outside anymore because I have three of them,” said resident Jose Madera.

Resident Desiree Lalumiere tells News8 what police asked her. “Like what happened,” said Lalumiere. “Because they didn’t really know themselves.”

Residents are also looking for answers.

“It was very like heartbreaking to be honest,” said resident Veronica Madera. “Because we all have siblings and we all have to watch out for them.”

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