PLAINFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — Ross Weingarten put a lot of thought into the layout of the tiny home he has built for a homeless veteran.

“I set it up so there’s plenty of storage,” said Weingarten, who owns Sawyer Sheds in Plainfield.

He has now teamed up with Bookwell Travel which is looking to donate part of its proceeds from hotel bookings to try to build the 10×16 foot houses.

They hope to provide the veterans with a place to stay and a purpose by creating a self-sustainable community consisting of about 50 of the tiny homes.

“Plus it would consist of solar farms,” said Bookwell Travel owner Brian Gates. “It would consist of greenhouses and the vets would be actually working.”

“It meets so many needs and I think that’s really important,” said State Senator Cathy Osten, (D) Sprague.

She is a veteran herself and is on board with the project.

“We are actively looking around to see if we can find 25 to 50 acres,” Osten said.

In addition to eastern Connecticut, they also are looking at land in the Waterbury area.

Weingarten’s father, a World War II veteran who recently passed away, is his inspiration.

“There he’s younger of course but I wanted to put some of this in here too,” said Weingarten of the picture of his father and a display of his medals, which can be seen as soon as you walk into the tiny home.

He plans to build them at cost which is about $35,000.

The idea here is to try to make the tiny houses a home.

The first one that was built took about three weeks but News 8 was told now that they have all the details worked out, they can probably build them in half that time.

“We hope within 90 days we can start breaking ground,” Gates said.

After that, it is expected to take a year to complete each community.

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