PLAINFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — A Plainfield company is one of the leading resellers of Boston Dynamics robots. RADeCO customizes high-tech robots used in dangerous situations to help keep people safe.

Spot robots are used by law enforcement agencies and fire departments for their ability to go into unsafe areas while their operators can stay a safe distance away.

The robotic dog can also climb stairs, turn objects and drag items weighing up to 50 pounds.

The Spot robot was used by the New York Fire Department used in the search and rescue efforts of a parking garage collapse in which one person was killed, several people were injured and numerous cars were crushed.

“There’s no reason sending somebody in there is you can send a robot in first,” said Brad Lovendale, of RADeCo Inc.

That particular robot did not come from RADeCO. Still, the Plainfield company is well aware of its capabilities because it customizes the same ones for public safety, government, and nuclear power plant clients which need sensors to detect radiation, chemicals, and gases. 

“The idea is to absolutely keep people safe. It’s not intended to take anybody’s job. Actually I think it actually adds jobs because you’re gonna need operators of the actual robots,” Lovendale said.