SOUTH KILLINGLY, Conn. (WTNH) — A climber was rescued from a cave in South Killingly on Wednesday, fire officials said.

The South Killingly Multi-Agency Technical Rescue Team was called to assist a man who was physically wedged 10 ft. deep on the inside of a very narrow vertical cave, known as “the chimney” at Ross Cliffs in Old Furnace State Park near the Ross Pond Boat Launch.

Officials said a group of recreational climbers assisted and located the man on the side of the cliff face about 150 ft. off the ground. At the time of the call, the climber had already been stuck for two hours, and officials feared he was dealing with a loss of blood flow after being stuck for so long.

The fire department said this was an “incredibly complex” rescue that took over three hours to extricate the climber. After the rescue, he was alert and oriented.

The man was transported by Lifestar for non-life threatening injuries.

South Killingly Fire Department, Danielson Fire Department, KB Ambulance, KB paramedics, Lifestar, UTVs From Attawaugan, Mortlake and Central village, city of Norwich Fire Department tech rescue team, Webster Rescue 1, the Department of Environmental and Energy Protection, and state police responded to the scene.