EAST LYME, Conn. (WTNH) — Snow is in the forecast Thursday night into Friday across Connecticut. News 8 expects 4-6 inches to fall statewide with 7-8 inches in some areas, impacting Friday’s morning commute. Click here for the latest forecast from News 8.

Customers are expected to rush to hardware stores for supplies ahead of winter weather moving in.

Nick Wrobel, the manager of Cash True Value in East Lyme, told News 8 they are ready for the storm, and that shovels, ice melt, and scrapers are very popular right now.

Wrobel said aside from a pressure point on the shovel that commonly cracks, shovels can last for years. Ernie and James Sweney picked up a couple of shovels at Cash True Value.

“We wear them out quick,” James Sweney said.

Ice melt is also a hot item, especially the pet-friendly version. It is the most popular item because not only is it safe for pets, the small containers make it easy to spread the ice melt around.

Beware if you use rock salt to avoid slips and falls, though.

“The disadvantage of rock salt for anybody who doesn’t know is that it can harm concrete,” Wrobel said. “So, we usually don’t advise it [rock salt] for people who are doing patios or stuff like that or any kind of walkways, but for regular asphalt it’s fine.”

Scrapers are also a big seller before a storm along with propane for heaters and grills.

As far as supply chain issues go, shovels and ice melt were a little slow to come in, but Cash True Value now has plenty. There is still one item that is still hard to get: snowblowers.

“Snowblowers especially are very very difficult to get right now,” Wrobel said.

Cash True Value currently has a few in stock, but once they are gone, it may be a while before they get more.