CLINTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Wells drying up is certainly a concern in Connecticut as drought conditions worsen. Whether it be private wells or wells which, along with reservoirs, feed water systems, people are keeping a close eye on them.

Peggy O’Donnell, who lives in Clinton, uses a private well for her outdoor water and is on city water for her indoor use, she is being particularly careful.

She said her water actually dried up for a short time when her husband was recently watering their plants outside and worries about her neighbors who depend on well water only.

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Inside her house, O’Donnell is adhering to the call to conserve which came from Connecticut Water earlier this summer and will be issued again as this drought continues.

“We just today reinitiated our Stage 2 Drought Plan, which does call for a 15% reduction in usage,” said Craig Patla with Connecticut Water. “We have to act now to conserve the water for tomorrow.”

“We’re limiting showers,” O’Donnell said. “There’s only two of u.s but you know the time, the shower time, and we’re also limiting washing and dishwashing and things like that.”

This renewed call to conserve affects the shoreline towns between Guilford and Old Saybrook.

Trucks at Connecticut Water’s Clinton facility are bringing water from its main water system to some of the smaller, more vulnerable systems like the Sound View Beach area in Old Lyme.

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