(WTNH) — This semester, nearly 3,000 Yale University students answered questionnaires in hopes of potentially finding a romantic match. It’s all a part of the Marriage Pact, an idea started by Stanford students in 2017 and has since been used by other universities including Oxford and Cornell. 

It all starts with 50 questions and from there, an algorithm created by Stanford students will work to match people based on their answers. 2,756 students participated this fall semester at Yale University, around 45% of students. 

The dating process doesn’t necessarily guarantee a partner for life, rather an optimal marital back-up. 

Sophomore Claire Fang tells News 8, “The Marriage Pact asked a lot of questions and a lot of sensitive questions.” 

She says while other dating apps and websites may stick to surface-level questions, the Marriage Pact questionnaire dug deeper into politics and religion. She says she was even surprised by some of the questions she answered, “I remember getting shook by some of them because I didn’t expect it. Like, there’s this one question, how important is making more money than your peers to you and I was just like shocked.” 

Fang adds, “Of course the academic part of college is a large part but another huge part is the social aspect.”

For so many college students, they are not experiencing the social aspect because of social distancing and remote learning. Fang did not find her match and as of right now there’s no statistic to show just how successful the process was for the students at Yale.