PLANTSVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) — After 11 years in business Zingarella Ristorinate in Plantsville has announced they are closing their doors, due to inflation.

Owner Mark Zommer said it’s time to say goodbye to his customers but that it was not easy for him and his staff to get to this point. 

“I grew up in this town and this was a pizza place, and it was dilapidated, and I love Southington,” Zommer said. 

General Manager Kelsey Yount said inflation and the pandemic were two big factors in the restaurant’s decision to close. 

“Just to go into restaurant depot to get eggs it’s skyrocketed, we had to up our prices on our menu quite a bit and we don’t want to charge $28 for chicken parmigiana,” Yount said. 

Executive Chef Angelo DiDomenico shared that he will be retiring after a forty-five-year career.  He’s been running the kitchen at Zingarella Ristorante since day one. 

“It’s been tough, it’s been tough I think all around all mama’s and papa’s places are hurting big time,” DiDomenico said. 

Customer Robert Stuper was in shock as he had been a customer for the past ten years.

“I happened to just see it this morning and I was finishing up my workday and hopped in here just to give it a good send-off in case I don’t get in later,” Stuper said. 

Resturant Owner Mark Zommer shared a special message for his loyal customers, after a memorable run.

“Yea come down I was going to close it after the holidays and I said I don’t want to do that I want to be here for all of our regulars or people who haven’t been here to come down and experience it,” Zommer added. 

Zingarella Risorante will close at the of the day on Valentine’s Day.