NORTH HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) — Connecticut drivers may want to think twice about speeding up through a quickly changing yellow light.

Along with police and traffic cameras, other drivers are now watching and rolling video.

“There’s always someone running a red light or cutting someone off,” said Wendy Legault.

Every time she gets in her vehicle, the North Haven resident sets up her iPhone on the dash, and starts recording.

She says she catches someone breaking traffic rules, pretty much every single ride.

“I get a lot more city driving, people misbehave a lot more on city roads,” said Legault.

Legault started a YouTube channel, called Bad Drivers of Connecticut.

She now says people all across the state send her video clips of drivers behaving badly.

“Someone sent me two accidents that happened right in front of them,” said Legault.

She says she does not send her videos to police, just puts them out on the internet to raise awareness.

“It seems to be something a lot of people want to see lately, said Legault.

The worse the driving, the more views the videos get.

“The worst thing people do in front of me the more people want to watch,” said Legault.

Leagult says she studied the traffic laws in Connecticut to be better prepared while out on the roads, and that mounting a camera on her dash is also a safety tool, to protect against false claims and road rage incidents.