Concerns over lithium-ion batteries in toys


(WTNH) — A warning for parents this holiday season.

There’s concern over a lithium-ion battery that’s found in a children’s toy.

The battery is to blame for a major fire at an Indianapolis apartment building over the weekend.

These batteries have been known to burst into flames before, such as with hover-boards.Related Content: Annual ‘Trouble in Toyland’ report released Tuesday

Experts say it is very important to read the instructions on the toys so that you understand where to store them safely to avoid a fire.

“The lithium battery itself can hold so much electrical energy [it] gets hot and catches fire on its own or the lithium battery gets hot or a flammable object within the plastic like the plastic will catch on fire,” explained Director of Product Safety with Consumer Reports Don Huber.

When storing toys or electronics, experts say to make sure you keep them away from a heat source or flammable things like clothing or paper. Also, make sure the room ins well ventilated.

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