BLOOMFIELD, Conn. (WTNH)–It’s never fun to work with numb hands or feet, but imagine standing in a hole filled with water? The men and women of The MDC (Metropolitan District Hartford)  are stepping out into the cold into knee-deep in water trying to undo ‘Old Man Winter.’

“I went to the sink and tried to turn on the water, then turn on the laundry, no water.”

Ken Palmer lives in Bloomfield. While there is no water in his house, there was plenty of water in the streets, on sidewalks and in front yards all of it turning to ice as MDC crews try to repair a water main break.Related:Crews repair water main break in Bloomfield

It happened during this evening’s commute on Wintonbury Avenue in Bloomfield it was  a slushy, sloppy, icy mess. Crews working hard, cold air in there longs battling slippery conditions and numb hands trying to get the water on as fast as possible for Palmer and about a dozen of his neighbors.

“I am thankful they are out there, and I feel sorry for them you know, it’s freezing cold!”

And it’s been happening around the state, as MDC alone is working three active ruptures, from Bloomfield to Rocky Hill to Newington. The bitter cold causing frost heaves which snap pipes. If you notice something funny going on with your water, Kerry Martin with MDC says they want to know about it ASAP.

“It could be no water at all, it could be very low water pressure or a trickle of water, it could be discolored water or a lot of air in the water.”

She says it is very difficult to work in these conditions, as not only does water freeze over, but it ices up the valves. They have to chip them free just to get the water shut off, but they have been rotating crews in and out of the back of trucks to keep them warm. She asks residents to please be patient, because it’s difficult to work in these conditions. Something John Palmer knows all too well.

“I myself work out in the cold when it snows I’m out there plowing salting and sanding and doing all that stuff I definitely appreciate their efforts.

If you do notice problems with your water, they want you to call right away because a broken water main can do a lot of damage beneath the surface, it can wash out entire roads so they want to get to it as soon as possible.