Nail stylists are not required to be licensed in Connecticut

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) - Who's watching out for your health when you're getting your nails done? The state doesn't require nail techs to have a license or certification.

Victoria Streeto stated, "I didn't know that... Unfortunately, it is surprising."

Stephanie Andree, a licensed hair stylist, added, "When I learned that in school, I was weirded out. I was like, 'really,' because you can get more of an infection doing nails wrong than hair."

Taitira Lorenzo, the owner of Ty's Nail Candy, said she can hire anyone to do nails with no experience necessary. "I could hire you now and it's scary to think that not every business owner holds their employees to the standards that we do here," said Lorenzo. 

Lorenzo said she'd rather hire employees who are experienced and licensed. She added, "It's important that the client wants to come in and get nice nails and not have to worry about did she leave without something contagious. Were we clean? Is her health at risk?"

Some said they don't care either way. 

Hindy Jaffee added, "I've gotten my nails done probably by people with a license that did a bad job and people with a license did a good job."

For others it's worrisome. 

Victoria Streeto said, "It's concerning in a sense of sanitary issues, knowing you hear people that may get injured or burns from different products that are being used if they are not executed correctly."

Lorenzo said the state should have stricter regulations.

"Just as hair dressers are required to prove that they know what they are doing, we should be held accountable as well," she added. 

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