Cooped up inside? Here are some Valentines ideas for the kids


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — With the dangerously cold temperatures this weekend Ciburbanity’s Charlotte Smith and her children, Oliver and Eleanor, demonstrated easy Valentines activities.

They stopped by Good Morning CT to show some of the fun and easy crafts that would be fun to hang around the house.

1. Paper heart chain

Using strips of red and pink paper and a stapler, make this easy and bright DIY garland.

2. Giant Heart

Cut out two large hearts from a cardboard box and tape a strip of cardboard between them to create a three dimensional heart. Wrap heart with colorful duct tape.

3.Paper Valentine Fortune Cookies

Trace a drinking glass and cut out circles from decorative paper. Write a message on a strip of paper and place in the middle of each circle. Fold over the circle without creasing. Place your index finger against the middle of the paper and pull the ends down towards each other. Use a drop of hot glue to hold the fortune cookie together.

4. Beaded Hearts

This is perfect for a younger child. Place one bead onto a pipe cleaner and fold it in half. Place a second bead onto BOTH ends of the folded pipe cleaner to lock in the point. Go back and string each side of the pipe cleaner with beads until an inch remains at each end. String two beads onto BOTH pipe cleaners and wrap the ends around the last bead. Shape into a heart and hang with a red ribbon if you’d like.

5. Glue resist hearts

With heavy weight white paper, ‘draw’ heart shapes with Elmer’s school glue. Allow to dry overnight. With red/ pink/ purple watercolors paint over the dried glue hearts.

6. Paper Straw Valentine’s Wreath

Cut out a 2-inch heart outline from cardboard and glue red and white paper straws on top.

For more of Charlotte Smith’s ideas check out her blog here:

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