MERIDEN, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s a hospital within a hospital.

Welcome to the Connecticut Orthopaedic Insitute at Midstate Medical Center in Meriden.

Surgeon Dr. Chris Lynch says, “Elsewhere, it’s not really the surgeons that are in there taking care of the patients running the hospital, but here, that’s exactly what this is.”

It’s where patients with musculoskeletal injuries and disorders undergo the latest procedures with up to date technology.

The blueprint was created after listening to what they had to say.

“They want everyone to be on the same page,” says Dr. Lynch. “Everybody knows what everybody else is doing which makes it efficient and makes it good for the patient.”

Runner Ed Panczak pointed to the front of the left side of his hip, saying, “I have a scar just about that big right here.”

He recently had hip replacement surgery here, explaining, “They wheeled me into the operating room and I was out of there like in 55 minutes.”

Dr. Lynch chose a procedure that has been around for years, but not many are doing it.

Basically, surgeons start at the front of the hip area.Related Content: New neighborhood medical center set to open this week

He says, “It’s a different approach to the hip, where you’re really going through a true intramuscular plane so you’re not cutting through any muscles.”

By spreading the muscles to get to the hip joint, recovery is quicker.

Ed tells News 8, “By seven o’clock, I was walking around the room with a cane.”

There are eleven operating rooms and 21 private rooms for those who may need it.

Controlling pain without prescription drugs is also a priority.

Dr. Lynch says, “More regional anesthesias, rather than general anesthesias. We’re doing local blocs into the joints both into the hip and the knee which again gives you long term relief.”

What they’ve created here could serve as a role model to improving patient care.

“It works,” says Dr. Lynch. “I think probably that’s the way things should go, even not just in orthopaedics but I think probably in other specialties.”

Hartford HealthCare and MidState have teamed up with Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists to develop the Institute.