(WTNH) — With just about two and half weeks until Connecticut’s presidential primary election, the excitement for voters and state government officials is building.

“I’m excited. I think the voters in Connecticut are excited. Their vote will matter,” said JR Romano, Chair of the Connecticut Republican Party.

“This could be a tight state, on both sides. And I think people are focused on that and wanna be involved in the process and are just really excited and energized,” said Nick Balletto, the Democratic State Chairman.

The proof is in the numbers. There are more than 1.1 million voters eligible voters in this year’s presidential primary. New voter registration has doubled since January, with more than 50,000 people signing up.

“I think people are excited for all reasons. Whether they’re younger individuals excited about one campaign, females are excited and the general public about the other campaign. It’s nice to see you have two candidates on our side with a lot of experience,” said Baletto.

Republicans say the new voter registration numbers aren’t the only thing fueling their excitement.

“The numbers are double what’s anticipated but also they’re registering as republicans,” said Romano.

The number of voters that switched their party affiliation from democrat to republican far exceeds the numbers of republicans switching to democrat. Since January, 2230 have gone to republican with 1323 joining the democratic party. The GOP says that’s proof democratic confidence is slipping.

“Their policies have failed families in the state and in the country,” said Romano.

Democrats say that’s not the case and with democratic voters outnumbering republicans in Connecticut nearly 2 to 1, their confidence remains high.

“Watch what’s going on. Our party is not a circus. So, we’re giving you real candidates with real experience that have a plan, can run this country and know what they’re gonna do the day after they become president,” said Baletto.