NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — From preventing school shootings to cybercrime, News 8 got an inside look at the FBI’s top priorities for Connecticut from Special Agent in Charge Robert Fuller and Assistant Special Agent in Charge Michael Butsch.

“Our folks work very hard: long hours, weekends, nights,” Fuller said. “The threat never ends. That’s what we sign up for.”

They discussed the work the FBI’s New Haven Division does to keep Connecticut safe and their priorities, including violent crime, counterterrorism, and cybercrime. 

“We see gangs using cyber capabilities to affect victims and their competition as well as companies being infiltrated and intruded upon,” Fuller said.

News 8 learned just how critical the FBI’s partnerships are with state and local police departments. In Connecticut, there are about ten FBI task forces.

“It’s a proven model that allows for that collaboration, intelligence sharing, and effective police work to combat whatever that task force is investigating,” Fuller said.

That information sharing stretches far beyond law enforcement. For example, the FBI utilizes information from schools and health professionals to prevent potential acts of violence.

“You’re getting something like, a kid is talking about school shootings, is reviewing school shooting videos, and idolizing someone who’s conducted an attack, that’s when we’d take a deep dive,” Butsch said.

There’s also a focus on outreach, with community members serving as their eyes and ears.

“There are still certain communities that are hesitant to come to law enforcement, so we need to break through those barriers to make people comfortable to come forward,” Butsch said.