(WTNH) — Across New England on Columbus Day, people are taking stances, vandalizing statues of Christopher Columbus.

In Connecticut alone, vandals spray-painted on or around statues in four cities and towns, including Middletown, Bridgeport, Norwalk, and in New Haven’s Wooster Square over the weekend.Related Content: The history behind Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day

New Haven Police stepped up patrols, manning the statue in the city to prevent any more vandalism.

“I just happened to be walking my dog, came across the hoopla, and decided to check it out and saw that the statue had been defaced yet again for the second time in a couple weeks,” said Alexa Benner of New Haven. “It is 100 percent true, but there’s no need to deface a statue like that.”Related Content: Pride and protests for Columbus statue unveiling

A Columbus statue in Providence, R.I. was also vandalized. It was splashed with red paint along with the Communist hammer and sickle.Related Content: Christopher Columbus statue vandalized in New Haven

There have been no arrests.